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Medical Billing Services

Charge Entry

Charges are scrubbed for accurate and proper coding along with other required payer edits. Either from the provider's EHR/EMR or manually.

Claims Follow-up

Management of denied or rejected claims, resubmission of denied or underpaid claims, appeals management and submission of corrected claims as necessary


Reporting available via provider's medical billing system that can be customized based on needs.

Electronic or Paper Claim Submissions

Claims submitted electronically through a clearinghouse or directly on payer portal.

Paper claims submitted via mail.

Daily or weekly claim submissions.

Patient Eligibility & Benefits Verification

Verification of policy status, patient responsibility, and coding needs.


Transcription of voice-recorded medical reports/notes dictated by the provider.

Payment Posting

Insurance and patient payments posted promptly and accurately into provider's medical billing software.

Patient Statements

Creation of patient statements after payer adjudication is received on a monthly basis.